My advice ... Stay your course

  Ok I might not word all this correctly but here is something I've finally realized

        Stay your course!

   Find your play style and stick with it!!! 

I’ve realized what makes 5 out successful… It’s not the fact it’s a glitch, it’s the fact is if you don’t know how to counter it you get sucked right into some one else’s play style ( ultimately making you a dog chasing his tail) you spend the rest of that game on panic and not playing your normal game ( plays, freelance, mix)

The key is to force your style of play on the opponent and have counters to theirs ( play they way that you feel comfortable and react the quickest)  don't fall of freaking out when the equalizer kicks in just stay your course

Pay attention to how the person plays there is about 7 play styles I’ve run into and it’s all pretty much the same, so counters for each gets easier

I’m sorry if this is hard to read but just writing as I think during work. FORCE THE OPPONENT TO CHANGE HIS GAME TO TRY AND STOP YOURS you still will lose but not as much

( I’m not great at this game but now I’m having more fun cause it’s like a mental chess match, I would appear find myself freaking out and changing what was natural for me if I started to lose… It never worked lol)

I’ll try to clean this up when I get home, sorry if it’s a mess again