My Account just got Unbanned 😀

So my account got banned for no cap nothing. Saw a vid from JD Crossover saying he got banned also and obviously he doesn’t do anything evil. Are there a lot of random bans going around?

Mine too

Wait what???

You ever bought MT?

No never bought. I’ve received MT but never bought

It’s not anything about buying MT or anything, JD Crossover was banned and he does nothing wrong.

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Were you banned ?

I’m out today. Won’t be home for 3 hours. Will keep y’all posted

Yeah no cap haven’t done anything. No Mt buying or selling. Don’t buy VC. Haven’t quit out of a bunch of unlimited games. I’ve probably played 15 unlimited games tops this season, quit maybe 3 when it looked like a sweat fest.

Here’s the thing:

The only way we can get banned for buying/selling MT is if we openly do it (and this site is a safe place that 2K likely doesn’t know about). Unless Sam rats us out, we’re fine on that end.

I’m sure the ban is for other reasons

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I was banned on may and they reply on my ticket 31 days later saying that’s after ‘an investigation’ my ban was irremovable.

After that I asking for full removed of all my personal data and they denied it to me that too.

I did the glitch for 27k just 17hours before bans come and quit like 30 games when the game beguns. I tried evade the shitty SBMM system to play with low tier player (diamonds or below) on unlimited.

This was my last game from entire Take Two damm company

What was the 28 k glitch in general?

On next gen you can do a quick game against a friend and quit and repeat. 400VCs for each in about 10 seconds

I did it for 15 min or so because a friend need upgrade his myplayer. I really didn’t need the VCs I had got more 290k where did that glitch.

Shitttt I’m not banned :sob::sob: had me scared


No way, just got home from work, ready to get Doctor J after grinding the little free time I have, and I’m banned??? I swear I NEVER bougjt mt or cheated in any way, this is just unacceptable, if it’s not fixed soon I’m out and won’t buy 2K ever again. I just spent last weeks grinding xp offline, what the hell I supposedly did to get banned?? I’m really mad right now

I’ve seen a bunch of people on Twitter saying they got banned today. I’m hoping it’s a glitch or something. If JD Crossover hadn’t got banned I wouldn’t think that but he signed a contract with 2k, no way they ban him. JD Crossover isn’t doing anything wrong you can bet that.

I didn’t even did the famous glitch that year, fuck I wasn’t even playing more than 1 hour a day to grind some xp, thank you 2K for screwing my daily login, my limited ring and my desire to play the game


I wonder if it’s something to do with sharing accounts doing the Tacko objectives but then that’s a PS/ XBOX thing 2K wouldn’t be able see it (I think)

I haven’t shared my account and I haven’t played a single unlimited game this season. This is big, this ban wave has no freaking sense and they’re going to lose a lot of customers if they don’t do nothing

It’s a strange time to do a big blanket ban, you’d think they’d want to encourage people to buy 2k22 at this stage

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