MVP Kawhi or GO Bird

looking for another forward for TTO, yall.

need some help

Personally I’d go Bird for the post offense/defense.

Bird is a TTO god. Kawhi’s jumper is too slow.


Birdddd is the wordddd

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Damn. Larry Legend is THAT good, huh ?

Bird, Bird, Bird, Birds the worddd


Bird. Kawhis really nice too, bit of a slow jumper but nothing annoying. He clamps too obv

Bird 100% !!

Larry easy.

Can’t go wrong with Birdie

Kawhi is really really really good. Dribbles better than people think and his post game on the 1st GO that was released is elite—90 strength and 98 post fade.

But Bird is GODLY. Holy dove sent from high above to bless the court with dribble sauce and limitless bombs from the logo.