Mutombo Best Defensive Big?

I don’t mind not having a 3 point shot on my centers, but I do value defense.

Is mount Mutombo the best defensive big in the game right now?

He’s approaching bin so I’ve held off on him until he’s cheaper, but for those who have him is he an elite defender?

Kareem will always just be a step above any card defensively. It’s really unexplainable, but his size and character model are perfectly balanced to the point where he can clamp down any player on the floor.

From the gameplay and stats I’ve seen, Dikembe has the tools to be a slightly worse overall defender compared to Kareem.

Damn, I already have Kareem and he’s an offensive monster too.

I don’t want to basically get a lateral move Defensively with much worse offense.

If you need center for bin he’ll likely be your guy. He should be better than Kareem offensively when it comes to ball handling on the perimeter. Too bad he can’t shoot though.

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For real. 2K decided to finally make a realistic three point rating on a classic center and they choose Mutombo.



Clamping up PGs with a 7’2" monster has to be funny. If he gets to bin I’m definetly picking him up.