Multiple Starter Cards (Trae,Jokic,Tatum)

Anyone here know how this is possible. Played a guy yesterday with Jokic and Trae? He had evo’d Trae and Jokic at Sapphire

you can get all 5 starter cards easy.
Just fully evo your first starter card, then you can choose the next one which you have to evo fully to get the next one and so on.


Thanks @myBongasGOATED

How do you get the next? Do you get choice automatically after finishing EVO of previous? I fully EVO’d my Tatum but didn’t automatically get a choice. Do I have to go somewhere proactively?

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go to the agendas. you will choose your next starter card. you’ll get phil jackson (coach) when you evo all 5


Boom, thanks. That was it.

Why do we keep getting random team item cards (arenas, uniforms, etc.) when we go to the Agenda screen?

Doesn’t seem to be tied to anything.

Under lifetime agendas, there are goals for each team. 150 points, 20 dunks, 20 threes, 30 assists, and 5 players from a team collected.

Don’t sleep on doing the assists, 3s, and dunks. Doing all of those for the jerseys it gives as a reward are worth 120 tokens. We’ll probably all do them eventually anyway just by playing


when you collect x number of cards from a team, you’ll get a uni etc.

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Coach Phil? Reallly. What kind of boosts do you get?

its an emerald coach +2 boost. its says triangle not sure specific stats


I upgraded Tatum to his shooting and he’s one of my best/favourite cards to use so far his shot is so easy to time (next gen ) can’t wait for a diamond or higher when he comes out

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