Multiple moment diamonds?

Anyone see that they will spam multiple moment diamonds for players who can do loads of great performances? IE: AD/Curry/Lebron and etc?

Yep. Just with different stats based on the actual game. I like this better than just increasing tiers and boosting stats everytime tbh.


Agreed. This was suggested by users prior and makes perfect sense. Boost the attributes that relate to the corresponding performance instead of making an all around god for a 50 point performance ie James Harden.

yeah, I think they will. I think it’s better to do it like that anyway. Plus the moments card are time limited.

No rap talk here, please ? :smiley:

I think it’s about time but after that B.Roy card or whatever that unique one is.
A decent amy Roy card would kill everyone’s price, JR, Vince, even Iggy.

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That’s called heatcheck cards this year :roll_eyes:

Today we can get :

Diamond Curry
Diamond Griffin
Brandon Roy/Gilbert Arenas

Sounds like a market crash. Am I right @Knezius?

They might hold off all moments till monday.

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Crash 3.0 thread on its way


Totally yours

Well it could be true, cause if they put everything tonight, people will get lost between packs for Curry/Griffin or BRoy/Arenas. So to make the most benefit, they can wait a bit for the moments

PD Griffin (anniversary packs) on Saturday by my counts tho.

Having Moments and Heat Check cards at the same time is ludicrous. Heat Check cards should be the equivalent of Moments cards.

They made heat checks mainly for tokens, not much point of these besides that.

I think that we don’t get Anniversary packs this week.
Diamond + Pink Diamond Griffin make no sense,when Curry + Roy will selling packs alone.

Curry might come only on monday tho, so we’ll see.

Good promo will be nice enough.

Some Halloween them : Scary Injuries with Roy as a reward.

Still have a tiny hope that this mysterious, new player is Rasheed.


Yeah a B Roy and a couple of good cards will own the weekend. No moments Blake makes me think PD one is going to drop really soon. So you could be right. I think the anniversary pack word be overshadowed by moments Curry and the promo pack.

I think PD 20th Anniversary blake is next also

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