Multiplayer Moments Lineups

Post your bronze and gold teams for this weeks multiplayer moments challenges.

I have been destroying kids with gold melo and gold dirk post fade every possession lol. Also running the fox and bagley duo. If Bagley gets a juiced card he’s gonna be a problem. Has a nice running cross and a monster player model.

Cant say much about the bronze lineup. played one game to get my win and will not play that trash again. Zhou Qi dropped at least 20 though

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I need to check the challenges I sold every gold and bronze card.I have lol

In the gold game I can remember using Iverson, Klay, McGrady, Ibaka, and Ayton. Ayton was my best player

The bronze game I used whoever I had contracts with and Jevon Carter and Thomas Bryant were my MVPs. Kurucs and Treveon Graham actually hit some 3s for me