Multiplayer Moments challenge not working

Am I the only one who can’t do the challenge where you have to only use reward cards ?
An error message appears when i try to start the challenge. The second challenge worked fine (team without centers).

Yes, this still has issues, hopefully 2k fixes it.

Did they ever give you guys the check mark in goals for completing 4 multiplayer challenges? Just noticed I don’t have it. Sure I’ve done more than 4 been playing since week 1

Not yet on my end, I never really tried playing online regularly since our network lags sometimes. I still have to play 3 more games to verify this.

I have the check mark, been doing all of them since day 1.
I remember when i got it, they put 4 multiplayer moments challenge the same week in order to complete the goal because it wasn’t working. Maybe they didn’t fix it still lol