Mugs tips for round 2

So I got to 12-0 twice so far and i got a few things I want to update you guys on. I still kept my overall pretty low it was an 86 I believe this round. I’ll post a pic of the lineup I used. I ran into mostly ruby teams with 1 or 2 Amy’s mixed in. But I was totally fine with that what your trying to avoid is having the all Amy reward team (which is trash in MTO) and running into melo camby n Finley which hasn’t happened to me yet in 24 games I never saw any of them. Another thing I noticed that might help you guys is the longer it searches for matches the more the rubber band expands on the matchup you will get. It can work both ways 3 times I waited over a minute for a matchup 1 time I got a 92 team one time was an 80 and once was a 75… I had an 86 team. What I did for my 2nd go around on another account was count to 5 when it searched for matches if I didn’t get 1 I backed out and repeated till I found a match in under 5 secs. Doing this I was never matched with anybody more than +2 or -2 overall from me.
I’m still getting people to 12-0 for 200k I have 6 lined up already if you want me to do it for you please hit me up on the PS it’s muglegacy2 not on this site I just saw a bunch of in boxes about Finley. Unfortunately I lack self control so I post them log out so I don’t get into back n forths with other members of the community. If you want me to get you Dan Issil hit me up after the tournament qualifier as I’m gonna spend the next 2 weeks beating domination and getting melo and practicing with my tourney team. Good luck to all this round hopefully some of this helps.


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This is actually ridiculous that you do this lol.

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The kid enjoys 2K. I respect it. Thanks for the tips.


The dude is running Ben Wallace at PG… in 2k19. This guy is something else.


I appreciate the insights and think you’re right. However Playing Ben wallace at PG and Love at SF is giving a big F U to the the game that has tried to become more sim this year (so far)!!

Pro tip Btw…if you change your coach you can probably reduce your overall by a few extra points

:joy:I was just about to say something about big Ben playing point.

As a pre-emptive warning: it’s fine to disagree with Mug’s method or placement of players in positions or whatever.

But keep things civil. Refrain from profanity or outright insults and personal attacks. You may be given a warning and just have post deleted or edited, and you might also be Silenced temporarily without warning.

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Lol why is he doing this?

If I say what I truly think, I’ll get suspended. So I’ll just say that he’s a good player.


No hate, I’m genuinely curious. What’s the point of Ben at PG and KLove at the 3? Like what advantage does that give?

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We all should be thankful that the peoples champ is back!


Bully ball

I would assume that it’s about being able to cheese post-ups at the 1 and the 3, and for Wallace to be locking up the opposing 1. Can also run 2-1 P&R between Finley and Wallace, with Wallace brick-walling a 2. Love can maybe cheese post-ups at 3, and if he’s in the corner during P&R, he’s a good 3pt shooter.

Inversely, at the 4 and 5, he has strong 3pt shooters who both have 3pt plays and will abuse slow bigs who cannot follow them around screens. Potentially specifically runs plays or uses actions in which the 1 and the 3 are laying screens not only for the 2, but also for the 4 and 5.

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Hahahaha what a joke :skull:

Makes sense then, also to add to his theory about matchmaking and long wait times.

I play all my unlimited games with a 97 overall team, all my matches take over a minute to find and I usually match up with anywhere from 80-93 rated teams, the longer the search the lower the team I face. When I find quick games the teams tend to be 95 rated so there could be something to it

Probably the best line up I’ve ever seen :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Are you guys sure he keeps these players in these positions?

I thought when a player is playing out of position their system proficiencies are lowered. Doesn’t that lower your teams overall then also, as they don’t receive a boost?

Perhaps that’s why he’s doing it? Then perhaps changes it during the games load up. I’m purely speculating. Maybe there is method behind the madness.

It totally makes sense that some degree of matchmaking is occurring in this manner. I’ve generally felt the same thing, roughly, even in prior years.

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