Mugs recap of “the game”

theres the stats for those of you who were asking. I actually don’t have much to say about the game other than I gained a lot of respect for Chris he streamed it 4 everybody n was understanding of my not always flexible schedule.

      What I did wanna say before you all start the hype train on my next opponet is that I won’t be defending this title. I just don’t like these kinda games like I used too.hopefully 2k gamer lets me rock this cool icon for a day or 2 then takes it n gives it to Chris he deserves it.  dude literally will play anybody (he asked me for a rematch 5 mins after that game) n he’s eager to showcase his skills to all you guys. Since I’m not willing to play anybody anymore I will no longer call myself the people’s champ. It was a fun run I still remember like 4 years ago when they had the onyx cards on Thursday’s like 10 of us from mt central would hit up shake n bake n Kris London twitter everyday asking for them to play me n it worked lol.

 I played the game to show you guys I can win without cheese and that when I say I shoot 40 3s a game I’m not blowing smoke up yout butts. So hopefully those who think I’m BS ing when I give advise are a little less skeptical now. I try n tell u guys whatever I’m doing to help you guys get these cards weather it running Ben Wallace at point or having 5 shooters n shooting an obnoxious amount of 3s

Looks like I got cut off what i said was I won’t be defending my title n because of that I will not call myself the people’s champ anymore cause I’m no longer willing to play anybody. N hopefully they give the title to Chris he deserves it n he is willing to play anybody


62 three point attempts in one game is cheese man. Lol. You can’t say you wanted to show people that you can win without cheese when you in fact had to shoot 62 of three balls in one game. Chris had 15 turnovers and I bet that all 22 points on 11/14 shooting that weren’t threes were part of the 37 fast break points you had. I bet the other 15 were 5 threes.


It’s cheese to shoot threes? Let the dude play how he wants.


Crazy. Mug took more 3’s than Chris had total shots. That’s a stat you’ll never see in real life.

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I bet that dude mug would make me hate the game lol

Dam bro I intentionally left all my cheere guys out of that game so nobody could say I cheesed but your intitled to your opinion.

N I didn’t get any free throws these dam 2k refs hate me lol

Lmfo this forum is funny sometimes, 1st admins promote game of some wacko cheeser that abuses most of game mechanic fails and plays anti basketball, then same dude goes around flailing his dick and acting tough on half the topics, would be funny if it wasint sad.


I watched the game and honestly didn’t think he was cheesing

Sorry bro I’m trying to be less cheesy n do less bragging

How can you expect free throws when you only took it to the basket maybe once all game??


108 points off threes though

Lol I was joking

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But he won by 47. It really don’t matter how bro.


Transition 3s spam is cheese.

It’s not like 46% from 3 is bad, it’s just 58% from 3 is kinda unrealistic, especially at a clip like that

I mean, you might want to guard that then, if it happens more than twice.

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Dude won by 50 and ppl are crying cheese for shooting 3s? :sob:


Even Chris is doing that with his Klay