Mug vs Mac If you want a good laugh watch our game it starts around the 1 hour mark


Hahahah. This should be good

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Damn I need me a girl to bring me eggo while im playing Mug

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It’s like the 5th or 6th time we played but he had me confused wit someone else I guess cause we hadn’t played yet this year he kept saying I was caldys boy I glitched him n I’m always crying bout off ball D I’m none of that. But I do all the annoying MUG type shit like calling time outs n shit n he gets heated which makes the vid cool

I swear I started to watch his stream this morning Ima check this out.

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Mac is super chill. Dude was just trying to go 12-0 at 10 a.m. and you stream sniped him to ruin his run?
And then took unnecessary timeouts to try and rub salt in the wound?

Seems weird to me. This type of negative energy is why the 2k community gets a rep for being so toxic.

Did he stream snipe tho?

I have never stream sniped any body cause I don’t watch streams i hardly play the game anymore n don’t think IM good enough to even try n stream snipe anybody at this moment so get your facts Straight before you come at me!

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Fine, I’ll give you benefit of the doubt. Why the toxic TOs at the end tho?

Just take the win and move on.

This is the softest shit I’ve ever seen.


I called my timeouts at the end of the 3rd Qtr I do it in almost every game I play been doing it for 5 years I’ll tell you like I tell everybody I play that’s gets on me bout it tell 2k to change the timeout rule as of now they give you 7 n I’m gonna use them. I do push-ups n all types of crazy burpees n air squats doing them 7 min add it up when I used to play 10 games a day thats over an hour of working out I’m getting while putting some body else on tilt


Just say you’re wrong and move on lol

Ngl this video makes Mack look like a loser


Eh, I got subglitched by Mug in 2k18.

And there was that vid from last year where he screamed like a petulant child for a minute or so after MO beat him.

Not his first time being toxic on the site.

Y’all eat it up tho, so whatever.

Yeah he on TILT actin brand new

Gg Mug

I need me a Bol Bol


Not to mention it’s the 28th of the month and this dude still doesn’t have Glen Rice. If he’s so good what’s taking him so long?

This guy’s a fraud.


We got a smoke thread just for call outs my guy. Wager and play him


Let me clear something up for you pal… you were subglitched by me but only after I was subglitched by 3 diff guys for over 48 hours in a row. I went on this site n said I was subglitching all day the next day it was only by chance you were the 2nd guy I played n I sub glitched you the 2nd you told me you were a 2KG member I gave you the win, a win in which you had no chance of getting if we really played. When you thought u could actually beat me I offered to play you over a dozen times over the last 4 years n you have always declined so we all know what’s good


Bruh, we played.

The game was over.

Thread with screenshot: The people’s champ @Mugslegacy2 vs Top Ps4 2k player @Soho_Don


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