Much Easier to Get Stripped Bringing Ball Up in Paint?

Anyone else notice they’re getting stripped a lot more when in the paint and bringing the ball up to make a move to finish/shoot?

I don’t know if it’s realistic freq or not, just that it happens much more than in prior years.

On the defensive end, I so not find it easier to manually strip guys gathering to finish in the paint.

Yeah I’ve noticed this too. Happens a lot when a big is taking it to the rim against a guard, instead of attepting to contest they attempt a steal and the frequency of it being a success is quite high.

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Yea I notice it big time. And when you block the ball ,the opponent get the ball back and score at the same time. It like am playing football when the ball is loose and my guy fumble with the ball and get it took. Diamond Jason William ball handles is 98 but it lose the ball alot. My team mate can be right by the ball and not go for it. Like how three people can’t get the rebound.

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Yea, that’s a problem for me. I can legit stuff a guy.” 3 times in a row, he’ll grab 4 rebounds and eventually score standing under the rim.

That’s been a problem for years. That gather strip animation is OP af

Does anyone think there is any correlation at all between increased strips in the paint when doing the analog stick command to dunk (LS/RS Up + Turbo), as opposed to any different command or use of Shoot instead of RS?

I acquired habit of doing the former and I wonder if maybe the dunk gather is more susceptible…or different at all?

Gotta be turbo and down gets stripped more

I don’t know, but I get a LOT more standing dunks just using Turbo+Square than the correct command to trigger that animation (L2+turbo+2 joysticks to the basket). Without high post badges ypu’re getting stripped a lot this year.


It’s ingrained habit for me now but I’ll try to force myself to go up to dunk with Shoot.