MTU tips for budget players

Theres still match-making exploit, you want to use 2 gold players, 2 Sapphires and one Ruby, and all bronze bench, this will get your team over-all to 76 or lower… You will get matched up with people that just got the game… Out of all of my 12 games, i never saw one Ruby, just bunch of sapphires and gold players…

I recommend you pick Aaron Gordon as your PF, use the Y cut and cancel method for easy Alleys…

Everyone hates Laimbeer but, hes my favorite Center so far, he can grab rebounds and with the latest patch, he can now shoot lights outs.

My favorite PG is Charlie Ward, he get alot of bump steals, more on that below!

Starks is my catch and shoot guy, I run Punch 15 Flare, Quick zip and Quick back and Quick backdoor with the Trailblazers

Use 3 players that has good Lateral Quickness, and use Sam Pham on-ball method, keep tapping LT, you will get alot of bumping animation that causes ball handler to pick up their dribble…



Is this true about matching up with the identical OVRs?

How do You like bill

Yea. My run to Bird confirmed it.

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He is my favorite center, great pnf center, grab lots of offensive rebounds.

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Cool man thanks, didnt know that. My lineup isn’t that good anyways but I’m a defense guy and i think it’s tough to score on me.

I run with:
Ruby Armstrong (Back-Up: Saphire Fox) - Ruby T-Mac (Saphire Wade) - Ruby Marion (Saphire Butler) - Saphire Martin (Ruby Haslem) - Diamond Mourning (Saphire Wallace)…

Played one game so far and led like 30-8 against a guy that had YT in his gamertag, I hope it’s on his channel lol

Get that Ruby Micheal Ray Richardson bro, his amazing :slight_smile:


I’m looking for a lockdown guy at point, he’s my guy?

For sure, i got a stacked team and i still use him a lot.

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Ray Richardson or Charlie ward, Ward can be a Rudy with 96 lateral quickness that will be highest in the game at the moment, steals is 95 also the highest.

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What badges does Ward have in his final form?

You played your bronze bench players for significant chunks of time? Also, did your opponents have any bronze players?

You can do the same in offline triple threat, the worse cards you use the worse the teams are you play. Thanks for postinf

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