MTU, Supermax or Road To The Playoffs?

MTU, Supermax or Road To The Playoffs?

Which 2K Online mode did you like the most

  1. RTTP
  2. Supermax
  3. MTU
  1. RTTP
  2. MTU
  3. Supermax

Looking back, Supermax wasn’t bad. The gameplay made it bad

Only thing I hated was that salary cap wasn’t enforced more


I actually liked supermax.
12-0 requirement creates way too much tension and cheese.

And having only one monthly reward also sucks.

RTTP was so fun IMO.

Can someone summarize RTTP and Supermax for those of us that only know the trash also knows as MTU?

If they would just put updating rewards on RTTP it will be the perfect mode

MTU would be much better if the prizes along the way were better. Getting the new card at 12-0 is all that matters. No one wants to play 12 games to get 20 tokens and some garbage Emerald from the pack.

What I didn’t like about SuperMax is the whole points system was bogus. At least in MTU you know you need 12 wins to get the best rewards. You can win 20 games in SuperMax and have less points than someone who has 18 wins. Shit never made sense.

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Modes that require 12-0 for the best rewards breed toxicity.

If every game matters, people are going to sweat.

Bring back Supermax! I’d much rather have to win 2-3 games to make up for a loss vs starting over.


but at least the matchmaking was good as far as I remember

  1. Supermax
  2. RTTP
  3. MTU

Why don’t they just have more/all modes, instead of removing content every year lmfao.

FUT WL: laugh

Yeah i think matchmaking was better but i think they had to do with them introducing the overall bs to the game I don’t think that was a thing in 2k18 or am I wrong?

Yup FUT has the same thing too.

I don’t remember.

MTU matchmaking can match a casual with a pro cheeser - it doesn’t make sense for 2k to support such thing because it leads alot of people to quit the mode

This is my first year playing Myteam. What was different with the older modes?

MTU is my favorite out of the 3.

RTTP is a close 2nd but it didn’t have any replay value. And playing on the lower difficulty setting in the lower seeds was annoying. Also being able to match up with someone in a lower seed that’s playing on a lower difficulty was the worst.