MTU - Our paths to 12-0

MTU - Our paths to 12-0

Yes bro… Sexton is a tough cover especially for the offball crew out there. Green is money from deep and him, Jerami and Gary give you good defense. And if I can’t score, Shaq/Boban will do that for me

And yeah, lost my 11th game as fucking usual… tbh this time I was just baaaad. He played Muresan offball against my Muresan/Shaq/Boban and I couldn’t drive or find a way to score against that mammoth…

Played an all-bronze rage game right after, seeing who I’m matching up with, led 15-2 early, he quit. 11-1 as always, FML.

Currently fighting for my life against mug lol


@Muglegacy2 GG Brother

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I know the feeling went 11-1 three times last month. The 11th and 12th games they definitely match you up with better opponents. For my only 12-0 run this month, I played my 11th and 12th game 3am in the morning. Matched up with pretty bad squads after waiting at least 3 minutes on the matchup screen. Suggest trying that next time if you can.

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Dam bruh I knew I knew that name u should have said something I would have gave u the dub


Nah fam :joy::joy: I would never ask for a win


GG though your a dog wit Stockton

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bro atleast replace beal with t ferg lol you need clamps


I don’t think running a 78 team is way to go lol. I say try an 83 team . I always get matched up with much better team with 78!

I go from playing mug to playing smithboys1 lol

I switched from my best lineup to playing with sapphire, rubies, amy Marbury and Bowen and diamond PG. The game is much more fun compared when i played with my full lineup, even though I am on PC where everyone can afford a diamond squad. Matchmaking is much more easier, even though I am often matched up with really good squads, because I am not getting matched up with diehards that play the game all day.

I actually starting using 5 out but i only use it for a couple of minutes, not the whole game (because its soo boring), against guys that dont know how to play on ball (which is quite a lot) and against people that try to cheese, rimrun, take only leaners, etc. And its a fun way for me to punish people who annoy me a lot with their playstyle. It also switches up my offense. I usually run heat 13 playbook and point offense.


So what’s the consensus? Trying to run an 80-84 overall team for the most balanced matching?

And what’s this matchup glitch? Where you match with a friend?

@the_joker that’s my playbook too, have you found success online using it? It seems like they nerfed a CPL plays, like Punch flare 5 rip and quick horns…

oh yeah never thought about that

what do you think about this, always taking you guys’ input

Not playing a lot recently but I am getting fair match-ups with this team so far. 2 Amys, 3 Rubies, 5 Saph, 1 Emerald.
Don’t think I’ll go 12-0 but at least not getting frustrated that much anymore coz my team is not so all-star image

Honestly bro if you’re gonna go low lineup it’s no use in doing a 8 man rotation

Just go 5 rubies and all bronze or sumn

Rubies and sapphires …don’t think gold or silvers help. Maybe one Amy and one emerald ? There is no way to game the system lol

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Isaac over draymond


Thanks for the tips guys, the matchup thing has worked out perfectly!!! Look at what I got