MTU Impressions(Day 1)

Played a couple games of unlimited and here’s my initial impressions:

  • Offball defense easy to beat - you can blow by the cpu pretty easily. They have to on ball this year

  • You can edit plays in the coach settings - Seems you can add/remove plays from players in the coach menu

  • Bait defense less effective - played a sweaty who tried to offball and bait my passes but they weren’t getting picked off like last year

  • Your coach determines the freelance you can run - not sure if this can be adjusted but i have Doc and only had the option to run Clippers 2018 freelance.

  • Slower gameplay overall - movement and everything just feels slower. I’m not sure if its a positive or negative yet. But it does give it a more realistic pace. Players feel like they have a lot of weight.

Obviously these are really really early impressions. I’m not even sure if the day 1 patch was released yet. But so far the game feels way more realistic online. It could be the low ratings, not sure yet.


When you edit plays…limited by Playbook? Maybe not limited by play types?

That’s great to hear! I still have to try the game, but this gives me hope!

Did you notice if these save from one game to the other? Because having to do such plus the regular defensive settings might be tight in just 2 minutes of pause.

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I saw it too but I didn’t try to mess with it, I didn’t see a option on the main menu to preset them, I like the idea tho, if u know your playbook you can have certain plays pull up on your screen with just L1

woah its boutta get cheesy

Im not going to lie the gameplay online is fucking awful right now

Good luck making anything outside the paint

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The grind is real for these evo players

Who u using cause I’ve seen guys do that start stop move and green every time

Game definitely feels more sim — I’m impressed


Klay / joe harris

Basically anyone. You can hit if youre wide open with those two but anyone else its just a dice roll which fucking sucks

I swear tmac don’t miss, I should of picked him

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Did anybody mention that they updated Melo and he has a quick release now too

I just played someone who lit me up with Vince (he lost but still). Dude was greening lightly contested 3s with no issues. Creating space even against good defense. Idk how I feel about gameplay yet…I hate that they changed playcalling and icon Pick calling buttons tho


Yes seems to be limited by playbook. So if one of your guys doesn’t have 3pt plays by default, you can go in the Offensive Settings screen and manually add a 3pt play to him.

You can also add your fav plays to the main playcalling screen for quicker access. I can assign one of my best 3pt plays to say Kawhi and Klay for example and then just call it from the main menu instead of bringing up each of their assigned plays everytime. Its pretty nice.

I havent tested whether these save from game to game or not, but i doubt it.


In offensive settings you can pick multiple freelances that don’t show up in the quick menu


Transition defense seems to be better as well. They give you an option to set your transition D to focus on stopping the perimeter 3 in transition or protecting the rim in transition. Auto is a combo of both i believe.

On ball defense with bad defenders feels really sluggish. There’s no way you can guard a small guard if you’re defending him with a big on the perimeter…they are wayyyy too slow.


Cue the newbies complaining their bigs can’t lock up guards anymore :joy:


Calling PnR to get the switch on the perimeter might be the move this year, just like in real life. The speed difference is so crazy this year.


Assuming everyone has their defense set to switch all. Unless they automatically do?

This is why undersized bigs might be the move. They are quicker and can pick up guards