MTU Game flow scripts

Call it equalizer, call it momentum, whatever you want to call it.

It’s becoming pretty apparent to me in playing a LOT more MTU this month than ever, that there is at least one kind of ‘script’ that boosts one team for most of the game, but flips the boost to other team in the 4th quarter (final 2 minutes in particular). Hard to say if it’s based on team overall but I’ve seen this pattern

If you’re the team getting the boost Q1-3, you feel like things are working more than usual. Contested shots are falling more often. Rebounds come easier. Turnovers go in your favor. Players clamping on D in surprising fashion.

But then - it all ends in the 4th. Your contested shots will not fall. You will lose rebounds. You’ll even miss dunks. Then the other team will sneak back into the game, and if your lead isn’t enough, it will be easy for them.

Anyone else seeing this pattern on a regular basis? It can go both ways.


Both ways

Sure, it does go both ways. But it seems to trigger far more often when I’m playing against lower tiered cards and I almost never notice it in even matches.

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As the owner of a budget all diamond lineup, who started a couple days ago his grind for Wilt, I can ABSOLUTELY confirm all 5 the games I played so far went like this.

I played plenty of opals, Wilt two times, Harden three times.
Usually in the first two quarters things go as I would like them to, I green my open shots and I clamp them on defense. I was leading a Wilt owner 21-4 at the end of the 1st :sweat_smile:

Then in the third my guys start to miss a bit of open shots and play a bit less stifling defense, maybe that’s stamina affecting them, as I run just 9 guys.

Finally, in the 4th is when bullshit starts to happen. They make stupid smothered threes, I had Harden drain a very early / 100% contested three in my face. Wilt starts shooting like Ryan Anderson and being Mr. Fantastic on defense, Harden draws free throws if I look at him in a bad fashion, and so on…

Luckily I have been paired with worse players than me, and I have some IQ so I start slowing the game down in the 4th, I use the full shot clock, I re-run the same PNR until I don’t have an open dunk or three. That’s helped me prevent their combacks despite the bullshit.

But still, in 4 out of these 5 games I was up 15, 20, 25 and my lead always ended up single digits at the end of the game.

Believe it or not this has even been happening in my PWF games. The homie knows when it’s tilted his way and he starts jacking up everything. Most of it goes in regardless of defense. Then other games he doesn’t score 20 on me in a half. :man_shrugging:t2:

Happened to me hundreds of times, exactly as you described it - quarters 1-3 boost for one team, then everything flips in the 4th quarter.

If you guys watch Pat Bev play Andre Drummond in the 2k tourney, Pat starts to talk about how the home team gets the advantage.

He said, “if y’all don’t know, you’re about to find out. The home teams get the advantage in the first and then…” He was cut off and they mute the rest of the conversation.


Pat Bev leaking information :joy::joy:

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It seems to me that the team that’s ahead gets a 3-5 min period of dumb shit… I truly believe there is something. I call it comeback cheese. I don’t think it’s as specific as has been discussed before, just very simply one team has things go wrong for a bit. CPU fouls, illegal screens, fumbled passes, poor contest, etc. But hey I’m also not a great player

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Can I still find this gem on YouTube?

It’s on espn +

Darn, not available in Italy then

There are several algorithms going at once.

I do think there’s a generic momentum algorithm.

But there’s also some very clear player engagement and DDA going on too.

Combine both and you have an absolute clusterfuck.

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This happened to me in 90% of my MTU games against clearly inferior teams this year. It was a DOGFIGHT for 3 quarters, but in the 4th, the floodgates opened, my players played like opals (shocker right?), and I almost always came away with the win in games I should have won.

It sucks this is how it is with every sports game now

Yeah, even The Show is a mess. Nothing’s safe. It’s better than 2K, but still… It’s there.

Could be wrong but I feel like the show is the most rng sports game out there

If you find the game, it starts at 11:40

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No, you’re right. It is the most RNG by far.

So RNG tho, that’s it’s hard for its algorithms to constantly punish better teams lol…


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Yeah I don’t think it’s their fault necessarily because there’s only two mechanics in the game, pitching and hitting. Diamond dynasty is dope tho they make up for the rng with that mode