Mtu disconnects

Mtu disconnects

So last nite I literally got disconnected 7 games in a row (I was winning all them ) is it a server issue or people glitching lol? I get the game doesn’t count message after someone called a time out.

Add on top of that I got a rage quit where I ended up with a loss versus a win lol.

Anyone with a worse story lol?

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Did those timeouts happen in the third quarter?

It happened mainly first quarter when they were getting killed lol.

I really think it’s auto timeouts they cause it.

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So baseline is people do nothing and the game glitches out.



i notice if youre blowing someone out, it disconnect after a timeout, then i think its a gitch, cause when im getting blown out, it never happens to me… i will call timeout next time and see if it works.

If it’s a glitch people are doing then I really wonder how the method hasn’t spread. You would think one of the glitch YouTubers would have shared it, or even someone on here.

That’s true lol. Although I think it has something to do with time outs…new mercy rule I dunno :man_shrugging:

Pretty sure no one here learned the drop hack method on PC, but it’s rampant there.

Hopefully it’s all unintentional.

You’re, right, I used to play PC. There 100% is a way to disconnect opponents. I’m not sure if it involves using CheatEngine, or if theres another program on PC for that, or if they’re basically DDoS’ing opponents.

On Ps4 and Xbox though I have no idea how they could do it without getting a loss themselves too.

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Cheat engine is interesting… just crazy to me that the info never leaked.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s a mirror universe version of this site where those evil bastards glean their dark knowledge.

I was losing by double digits heading to the half, dude hit a buzzer beater 3 and the game dc’d as soon as the horn sounded. I know for a fact he didn’t do it. Why would he? Another guy I was beating by 7-8 points and it happened. I messaged him to give me the method as he seemed cool (flash paused after I postered him to the floor and again after a nice dribble drive) he swore he didn’t do it and wished me well. Seems random

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I got camera glitched at 10-0. Haven’t touched unlimited since

I was losing yesterday when I suddenly got a “opponent has left” message. Could have been disconnect or they lost internet either way I’m taking my W and staying clear of MTU for a while (maybe.)

Being off work yesterday I had zero issues with unlimited, it was between the hours of 8am and 2 that I got my games in with no issue, no error messages or anything… doesn’t help anyone who has a normal 9-5 tho on the east coast lol

Just saw a @DBG video and the disconnect happened on a buzzer beater. He said he’s heard of this.

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2Kchan lol

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Thanks for sharing- sounds like a major pain. Drop-glitches were my #1 reason for not buying again on PC, now I just have to hope it’s fixed by next year…

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