Mtu 11-1

I went 11-0 and lost. I was pissed. Now I realize I prolly wouldn’t use Manu anyways. I stressed over it way to much.

This is the first stage of grieving: Denial

Jokes jokes jokes lol


Lol I was pissed when it happened, but the dude I played had a pretty good team. I don’t know why, but I was way to nervous about the game.

I wish 2k had something similar to weekend league that MUT has. It’s less stress and more fun. Cheesy as fuck though.

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I think admitting rewards are all meh is also a part of that lol.

All the rewards have been good thus far

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Finley was indeed :pensive:

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Obviously it’s a very good card, but is it really worth stressing out about. I’m the first to admit I’m not very good at the game.

I mean I went 9-0 then 11-0 I feel pretty confident that I don’t suck. I just took an L.

No this game in general isnt worth stressing about

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Maybe you could’ve messaged the guy to throw you a bone and let you win. Some people have been lucky enough to get that free win

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Think that’ll work this Saturday?:sunglasses:

If you are lucky and don’t run into someone who is sitting at 11-0 as well, maybe.

I’m waiting till tournament time.

Me too. Hopefully those who are at 11-0 already and are looking to qualify try to get the next POM fast to use him.

Bad thing about waiting until that time is you also gotta face the wrath of the servers.

True. Just know the sweatiest sweats will be trying to get the player before tourney kicks off.

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Definitely. I made the mistake of trying to go for Manu right at the time the counter reset and the sweat was off the charts for 3 1/2 quarters before i finally pulled away

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Hope the servers hold up

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Are you on xbox or ps4?


Same here. Hopefully we don’t get matched lol

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