MT unlimited tips from MUG

I’m well over 200 games played in my team unlimited… I been getting people Finley for the small fee of 200k mt. There’s something I noticed that is very important for all you guys going for Finley that I posted on other sites but wanted to let you guys know as well. U need to have a team overall of 78 or less I can’t stress this enough!!! I got Finley on my account with a team of 90 overall basically every Amy u can by n I had to beat Finley 4x plus The Who’s who of my team goats wakka gutta etc it was so hard. Then I started playing for other people with worse teams n noticed you don’t play the same competition. Basically anybody with a 90 team right now cares about the game n is gonna be good unless your really good it’s gonna be hard to roll off 12 straight vs these guys. On the other hand people with a team of 78-83 are usually casuals their easy to beat even if they have a slightly better team your skill should be able to take them out fairly easy. They also quit a lot if you open up a lead them 90 overall guys ain’t quitting n are sweaty as hell. I hope this helps a lot of u get Finley. Please don’t use this post to roast me I want people to see it cause I know a lot are struggling to get Finley. N I won’t check it anyway but I’ll stop back in if I get anymore helpful hints!!!


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I been using this lineup to get more entries in tourney n haven’t lost yet very few games went past 1st qtr good luck guys

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The prodigal son has returned.


Yeah I have a 90 overall squad lol With 93 Defense and 90 Offense

If you ever in NY hmu I’ll give you $100 :slight_smile:

Lmao bruh I’ll do it for $80 if I can just do it from my Xbox. I won’t steal your account I got mad vouches here.

I just tried this and I got matched with a huge bum :astonished:

Has Mug blessed us

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Mug you might have just did sumn brother


I got Finley already so I’m just playing for tokens. Playing unlimited is way faster than Dom cause if you can make people quit you will have 15 tokens in just a hour or so. When u reach 11-0 I dashboard to lose 3 times.

I made a all bronze team so I won’t waste my team contact and when I do that I notice I go against all gold or emerald team. 2k try to match you up with the same overalls. Next season I’m going to make a all gold team so I will match up wit the same over all team.

Damn bro this is gold!

Delete this before Reddit sees it

Try it. It works.

Lmao Mug ain’t gon delete it bruh. Either way if I match up with someone the same ovr as me it’s like a 95% chance ima win so it’s all good.

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Im still a supporter lets goooo!

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Ive heard about this so I guess its true. I might need to try it.

So a lineup like this should work right?

Makes sense, if there’s matchmaking going on. And there ought to be.

But I’m confused by what you say above, when you also say this:

Maybe not that confusing. You’re saying that if you keep to 78 or less, you think that the approximate highest OVR that you face is around an 83 OVR?

If so, then that’s good to know. I’d personally rather play with a budget team and face other budget teams. Don’t mind much if I’m overmatched a bit, just don’t want to be facing Amethyst/Diamond god squads.

Lmao all the good players will just keep playing each other with handicapped squads. Hilarious


Man I think this is probably true but not as strict as he mentions. I’ve been playing with 87 over team basically all rubies sapphire and emerald and have only played 1 “god squad” in about 30 games. Does make me want to try out out some fun gold and emerald cards though.