MT selling pointers

Hey guys I am thinking about selling my entire PD lineup 5 starters and 6 bench to creat a budget diamond/amythest squad.

I will not need all the additional MT so I would like to sell what I can… never sold MT before , any pointers ?
I have bought MT twice before, I can be trusted to sell but just need some pointers from the experienced guys here .

I will put all my players up for sale after work today and have MT available late tonight probably 10 Eastern time.


Hey bud.

Make a thread, to say you’re selling MT.

If you’re dealing with a trusted user, you can go first. If they’re new accounts with a letter icon (lol), have them go first.

Make sure to do the deals of the transaction in PM.

Ask them to paypal you friends and family so they can’t go back on it (just depends on the user too, though)

As far as transaction, I would recommend this late in the game using diamond players. There’s some that go for 3-4 k now. Or two amy players for 50k. I’ve haven’t been caught or banned, and I’ve been buying and selling in 2K18 a lot, but others have. Just depends.

I always double confirm the player by asking (oh the one with 3 contracts?) or (he has the grey shoe with 2 games left?)

Superr important - if you’re doing particular sums, like 3 players for 33 k each, make sure the person PMs you the starting bid BEFORE they put up the player. They can not see the Starting bid once it goes to auction, it says 0.

So have them PM you - for example, "I put up Amy Lillard for 24,250 starting bid, and 50,000 BIN), 5 contracts left, makes it super easy to identify


Awesome explanation!!! Thank you sir !

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