MT sale (PS4 / PS5) $

Paypal Method

Big vouch!!

Super vouch

MT PS4 400k available 11$/100k I’m going to stop playing 2k for a while, so whoever wants to talk to me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Vouch, came thru for me.

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600k availables

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Hello friends!
1.9 million for sale
Paypal method
Don’t cover taxes
Interested dm

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I’ll take 200k, alternating firsts. If that makes sense

So I’ll pay first then you buy the 100k, then for the next 100k you go first then I pay. I have plenty of vouches as a buyer if you want me to collect screenshots

Bro in dm :rofl::rofl:

That was meant to be in the dms lmao :skull:

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2 mil availables

Big vouch. Great communication and quick purchase. Highly recommend.

Vouch here. Quick and easy. Thanks!

All sold at the moment, I will give a new notice later. Thank you all!

i only got $40 in my account ahah, would you take that?

700k availables (PS4/PS5)
Paypal Method

Big Vouch! Felt like transaction was done in like 5mins.

400k availables!

vouch bought 400k

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