Mt prices

I wonder will people still sell when they drive the price down to $2/100k? Guys, I understand. I really do. The market is low. You WILL sale at market value. If you advertise, they will come. No need to keep dropping value for a quick sale. This isn’t a selfish post because I still sale at regular (low) price. But sheesh

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Competition is tough out here.

Not even competition.

Competition to sell their MT get a hold of the market. If you don’t think undercutting creates competition idk what to tel you bro

If you get mt for free who cares as long as you’re securing the bag?


Competition for an hour or so. What I’m saying is if you wanna make some money, why cheat yourself? Shyt gone sell. Next week you say $9. He says $8. $7. $4. What’s the purpose?

Not everyone has that business mindset. Some kinda just wanna get rid of their mt fast instead of waiting for the value to go up but honestly with the way this game is going idk if the value of MT will go too high up

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You bout to go back to school right?


Stupid shyt

Well I still have like two weeks lol

Hey don’t tell me I know just tell it to the other guys selling lol

I understand you bro lol. Actually, I’d be through before I go lower. Wouldn’t be worth my time, but if money is the motivation, I would rather make 10million a year as opposed to 100 thousand in a week and then it’s over.

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Just gonna add my two sense on this in my case I sold a lot of my players for my mt sale but Veronica also came through with some mt for me so I really don’t mind selling at a low rate and not fucking this forum financially. If I can make some money and help the great guys on this forum, stop them from buying Vc and sell my mt, hey it’s a win win imo.


MT is easier to attain now. That’s why people selling it at dirt cheap prices. So many ways to get MT now.

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You said your reason was school and time. No need to explain your position

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I’ll take a million at $2 per 100k if you’re still offering, but must include tax

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I personally wouldn’t undercut anyone tbh. I sell at my own price.

Lmao u so real!!! Lol

im pretty cool with my price, dont see it dropping it any lower.

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