Mt prices - when does the price drop to around $9-$10?

Anyone know when mt prices will drop abit? Does the price ever drop to around $5 at the beginning of a 2k game?

In the laast month before 2K22 comes MT prices may vary from $5-$10


No chance - there’s no much Mt on the market - prices can’t get that low in the early weeks


So it won’t drop below $10 for a long time?

Yep maybe in the last 1-2 months of 2K21

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Just do simple math - it won’t happen - only if there’s a nextgen Monica confirmed :joy:

Probably not.

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The hero we NMS guys need lol

I don’t get this notion at all. For 100k right now you could buy more than few players, mid/late game that wouldn’t even net you Kareem socks.

You have to take context into equation, because 100k early in the game can buy you a whole lot more, not to mention MT is so much harder to come by.

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MT was between $6-10/100k early on in the cycle in 2k20.

2K must have studied how people farmed MT and nerfed the usual sources.

Anyhow the price will dip eventually. It’s already gone down substantially in a week.

Well PC is already down to around 1.75 per 100k, and that’s cheaper than post farm bans/patches in 2k20. I’m thinking that they’ve got good methods but it takes longer to accumulate for the consoles.

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Good to hear. :+1:

It was beautiful when it dropped to $5 when the game was dead, set me up for the rest of the year.

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Anyway it’s gonna drop a lot once the Chinese get going. We’re only 6 days in and it’s already starting to come down.

yeah but the rates can alwys rise again. I remember when ive sold a ton MT last year in the middle of 2k20 for like 5€ per - only 2-3 weeks later the rates went up from 5 to 10-12 again.

Sure they can rise and spike but I’m pointing out that they’ll probably reach a lower steady state/median price soon.

Wondering this too - might sell off my MT now and just buy back later at a cheaper price.

The Chinese decide when prices drop lol

Already down to around $16…

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Really?? That’s super low considering everyone (with Mamba forever edition) started with 10k mt, not 50 like last year.