Mt Millionaires

For those of you with fat stacks of mt, what are you guys planning on using it for? I know all the OP players are right around the corner so maybe you’re saving. But I do know several guys with millions of mt who never use it and just move on to the next game. As a broke boy I was just curious lol

after getting GO freak im planning to sell everything not locked in and finally cash out. hopefully im not too late then since ive seend the prices drop already. i had 2 mil left after last years game to and i think im still sitting on it.

I sold most of my MT after finishing GO Giannis. It’s nice to get a bit of change back. Still kept enough to be able to obtain just about any new card that I would still want

I’ve got 2 million. Going to use it to buy any Anni 3 player I don’t pull for go Shaq.

If I have enough left and there aren’t any auctionable opals I’ll grab MJ, Blake, and AI, complete the throwbacks, and lock in the 3000 tokens

Sell once I get Giannis.

Keeping around 7mil stashed for opal season. probably june-july. if you think tmac is expensive, wait til you see these cards


I think that happens to people by accident… for example, in the last 2 years of my team I’ve gotten bored of the mode and never turned it back on with millions of mT stacked. Usually another game gets me interested. At that point if the mT is all thats calling me back, I dont play.

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I buy & sell whatever i want. Try new cards, open some packs time to time.
Interesting thing is being able get whatever you want makes you more picky about cards.


I’ve started buying TBE/moment cards again since the crash. Nothing else to do.

Veronica changed the Market this year imo.


5 mil mt. was waiting for another good promo tho.

Are you guys just veterans of the mode or did veronica hook you up?

Holding around 4.5M. As a kobe and lakers fans, I definitely will buy the best Kobe and Lebron card, and the remaining for maybe KD and AD which I found their anni already really good.


First Time to Play NBA2K Myteam.
Veronica since October :innocent:
No Money Spent Gaming

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Thats great man I love when people get into the mode. But with veronica 100% not coming back next year will you still play?

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Nah I am going to start studying in law school.
That’s why this year is all in.


I got 2.8 million. Still got tons to sell back from Giannis though. It just gets tiring selling all that back.

I just need to complete this last anniversary set for the 3K tokens

What is 1L?

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Veronika is the best thing that ever happened to me as far as MyTeam goes. I’m an 39-year old dad who unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of disposable income and a wife who…well…let’s just say that she doesn’t understand the struggle :slight_smile: I’m only 14 cards away from Giannis because of good old V and that would have never happened if she wasn’t around.