MT Millionaires

Seems like so many people are millionaires on my team this year. Tmac is still consistently going for around a million.

What are y’all mt balances on here? I know there’s at least one person over 20 million on here :eyes: I’m only at 200K with 15 cards to go until I’m at Giannis.

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Rarely ever above 1mil :sweat_smile:


Big V

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Sitting on about 350k. Might grab enough MT to make me a Millionaire tonight. Then Im good will just budget that and Im not even done with All Time Dom yet which is even more Mt.

I’m back to 3.5 after risking it all on modified Durant.

3 million right now, i just got GO Giannis :slight_smile:

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Is that after selling all your unlocked cards back or do you still have more to sell back?

i didn’t start yet lol

I’m 1.5 mil. 63 cards from Giannis.

Billion with a B!

40K MT lol

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6 :disappointed:

6.2 with vince kareem lebron up i snipe

22k after getting Sabonis again.

6 mil atm plus a few players. Don’t really feel the need to spend that much right now.

Sold off at 3.8 million 2 months ago, stay up to date with moments challenges and locker codes and thats about it.

I’m sitting at just over 100k, but I’ve sold off over 15 million after getting Giannis.

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Sheesh that’s nice

How long ago did you get Giannis?

Close to 9 but I’m holding a Vince and a Kareem and some other auctionables.