MT house

Hi guys, just wondering if any of you have bought MT off those mt house websites before? Most of the people who are selling MT requires PayPal family or friends and my country doesn’t allow that.

Have you bought from anyone on the site before?

I bought off once from someone on reddit. I was lucky that the guy was okay for me to buy using the normal PayPal account and not the family and friends. Haven’t tried buying from anyone here.

I did it last year and early in 2k20 and they are ok. haven’t bought this calendar year tho. and of course on the switch

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How much do you need?

I bought on U4GM on PC when prices were in the dirt. I had one mishap with them but it was resolved and everything else went fine.

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use paypal good and services but add the extra 5% TAX

Will the sellers take it? The 5% tax is deductible from both sides or just mine?

About 200k?

i mean if the mt cost 10/100k go send him $11 i think the tax is 10% NOT SURE

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You should be able to find a seller willing to do it if you cover the fee and provide confirmation that you’ve received everything. Some will take BTC or other crypto, not sure if you have any experience with them (I don’t really) but that’s universal obviously

Would def recommend that over any website - they present a lot of issues and risks

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Thanks guys!

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Just got some mt from my man @NoCoJake. Fast and speedy response.