Mt for sale!

This is MChris6 from 2kmtc. Played a few games thinking id go for KP. Things went bad now im selling MT. Im selling a PD Harden, 95 Lebron, and Hondo. How much MT will I have? Harden is like 300k+ right? Or what is his price. Hondo and Lebron will be like 120k. Looking for PSN cards. If I know you from 2kmtc I’ll give a pretty good deal.

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I might be looking to buy like 200K, whats your rate?

I was thinking more wholesale lol want it all gone. Id say maybe $40 for 200k.

On PS4 btw

Pm sent

So then would there be a better deal for bulk buying?


Alright Ill let ya know if I want to buy :slight_smile: