Mt for sale (ps4)


Drop it to $4 per 100k and I’ll buy it.


Im gonna need some VOUCHES


@isuckat2k1999 get one of the mods to delete one of your posts, you don’t need 2 for the same thing.

Where do I enter code Zirk


His name leads me to believe he isn’t very trustworthy.


No code? No sale.

People actually gonna believe this shit too lmao

Hella vouches right here

If you suck at 2k how did you get soo much MT?

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It was my username on 2kmtcentral I’m pretty sick at 2k the games just boring as shit Idek how anyone plays it

Soo you quit Madden and 2k. What the heck are you doing with yourself?

Winter classes :cry: I’m just playing regular madden online no ultimate team. Also playing Rainbow 6 siege

Bottom line SOMEONE buy this mt no one is selling cheaper this is the CHEAPEST mt you will find

I don’t think they trust you. You should sell it to @jusbro92 . Let him sell it and give you a cut.

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This thread is going to get closed for spamming and a double post. Read the rules my friend @isuckat2k1999

I don’t play by the rules :call_me_hand:t2:

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LOL bad boy

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Make yo own thread