MT for sale PlayStation (8$-100k)

Im selling my MT , I still have 500k left .
PayPal only and I’m from EU
I ve done plenty of transactions here more recent ones with @Khali @Alemarino and even @Angel_Martinez


Trust 100% in this man

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Vouch here !

I have only like 300k more

Vouch for Pedro

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I still have like 300k

Vouch for pedro… trusted my account multiple times to him and never had any problems, so definitely can trust him!

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Sold out , but I will have 500k more later

Pedro was like screw this I’m off to FIFA :joy:.

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In the summer I barely play , I have a nice beach here and I’m playing some story video games here and there .
All this 7 footers on the court , just too much :joy:

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I feel you, only playing My Career these days.

Vouch for my guy, we had numerous transactions this season.

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Way more fun

300k more

Will have more MT today again

400k more
I will be home only in 7/8 hours