MT for Sale! $9/100k...PS4..Help fund my Show 19 Roster!(SOLD)

1 million in stock. Paypal Friends and Family Only

definitely vouch for him! Easy to work with.

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1.7 million available!

This is one of the best deals out here tbh no idea how this is still available. Help him out!

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$800 in stubs and you can basically complete everything in The Show. It’s amazing after playing 2k. I’ve got Willie Mays, Hornsby, etc.

Yeah. It is a night and day difference. I havent played a lot yet but just being able to get rewards by playing is awesome! I like the marketplace too. No scrolling.

Yep. And you can do everything via web browser or phone. It’s a dream come true for people at work all day.

Dmd you

Amazing seller. Came through quick and easy. highly recommended!!! Thanks again!

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Still have plenty available!! I will be working from home all day tomorrow so hit me up anytime.

Bought 800k from him. Great seller and very fast!

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1 million in stock. $9/100k. JUST SOLD OUT. Will update when I have more.

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