MT easy to make?

Hey guys that have the game, just wondering if MT is easier to make in solos. I found it very hard to make when I got the game late last year and found myself spending just to give players contracts. I only played Domination.

Thanks :slight_smile:

jusbro92 :slight_smile:

Hey bro if imma be honest this year the thing that looks to have the most value it’s probably tokens and mt is somewhat easier to make with more ways to make it as well as playing mycareer for some reason rewards you with packs as well as mt

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Wow that is awesome, I would love to get into My Career again. I haven’t played that since 15 lol. That is cool they give packs for My Team by playing that mode too. Awesome :slight_smile:

What are the tokens? What are they used for? to buy packs? We can’t trade it correct?

Two of my buddies haven’t really touch myteam yet but off of just mycareer and pro am they’ve made 30k and gotten about 8 packs and got some good pulls. For instance I got amythest Westbrook and sapphire Tatum

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No trading it’s ingame currency used to unlock cards from emerald all the way to the highest tier

Whoa wait you can make MT for career mode wtf @Broly

Cards trade able? like you can sell them on the AH?

im getting around 4-500mt per triple threat game, takes about 10mins

Bro it’s really weird I jumped between the two modes and everytime I leave myteam to play pro am I always come back to a lot of mt and packs

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What is triple threat game?

Is it still working lol?

3v3 almost like blacktop

Yeah but you gotta do a lot to unlock the auction house but some people such as I are experiencing a glitch and can’t access the auction house

use 3 big slashers, iso the small PG and post spin every time for the post move bonus

oh ok , isn’t that online though?

I would get bullied because I suck lol

Yeah it is I’ve been jumping from mode to mode and keep getting free packs and mt

both offline and online

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What is involved in unlocking the AH?

Last year it took me about 2 hours lol.

pretty much win 1 game in each mode