MT Buying

How safe is MT Buying nowadays. What are the chances of getting banned and are there any tipps and tricks on how to avoid a ban?

It’s always a risk of getting banned, no way around that. Safest bet is to do increments of 50k MT with diamond players.

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I’ve done with diamonds/PD, 100k each. No problems here.

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which site can you recomend?

2KGamer. You have a lot of reputable people here to buy, sell, or grind accounts.

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This is the best site for that for sure , everything about my team that you want or need . You have here


Yea I’m a 3rd that! This site has the best deals for mt compared to the mt sites and even reddit is $2-3 more per 100k compared to us.

Find a seller with a LOT of rep. Don’t be coerced by a seemingly great price by someone who has little to no rep. Those deals carry a much higher scam risk

I got that shit for you if you every need your fix my guy

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I vouch for suave ^^^ for sure. I have only bought from him and it was nice and painless.

Precoate that my guy got more if you ever need lol

If you are PS4 then I am sitting on 1.4 mil MT. I have a vouch from a mod.