MrBluntys Stream: Going 12-0 in one sitting

Just bored and streaming some Walk-On with my Glass Cleaner buddy, I’m on my 93 Pure Shot.

Come watch me destroy some randoms or get rekt by some sweaties.

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U gotta share the link bro hahaha

Wow too faded, i dropped 20 in the half though haha. On like 70 percent shooting.

Link is up there. @raptorsbenchmob

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love how that guy on your team literally made Kristaps lol

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Lmao my teammate literally sold us, called a timeout with last play when I had ball for freethrow.

Then I somehow miss wide open middy for the win with 99 mid lol.

Yeah except he cant shoot.

Easy 40 point game, shot creators are OP…

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