MrBlunty's late night stream

Come watch if you’re bored, got GO Malone, Tmac, KD, etc etc.


Tmac with 44+ first game, missed like one shot, man I love this card.

Gg man, yeah that was nice

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Lol started off that game down 11-0 then won by 40.

Weird game.

Tuned in for a bit, but as soon as I saw Malone at point, off ball, and press I had to bounce, dude.


I dont offball lol I just did it a few times because he was calling the same play over and over again for PD JR, have to offball contest the shot.

Same with pick and pop spam, I just run ice and let him deal with it

Did I miss it?

Nope. Made it in time. :+1:

Wow. What a game to come into. Rematch?

Edit: Didn’t realize it was MTU.

Game was insane, dude just spammed pick and pop for sabonis and the same play for JR/pg13 for literally 6 full quarters lol.

Lame shit… Still went to OT though so that was pretty cool.

x2 OT lol


Instant quit after I ran his own play better than he did rofl.

Yeah, Ran it. Green. Gone.

He didn’t want anymore lessons.

Running some budget squad games.

Thurl Bailey and Lonzo are legit GODS.

Just beat a guy with full pink diamonds with my ruby squad lmfao.

Ruby Micheal Jordan had 20 something points on 90% shooting and maybe 5 completely insane posters.

I love this so much, I’m tuning in

too many exploits in the game/shitty game mechanics to onball 100%. Pnr/pnf/plays are usually 2-3 man actions anyways and theres button combos people use to make your cpu do stupid stuff. Onballing these type of players only enables them to keep using exploits

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Bro this guy has fucking GO giannis and is legit the worst player I’ve ever played against.

EDIT: He quit…