MOTW Kawhi prediction

Yeah, its about time we get a Kawhi card and today has proven it.

What stats/badges do you think he will have

Hof Clamps for sure even if he didn’t dominate on d

Hof catch and shoot , hof Diff

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Y’all think 35 is enough ???

They just snubbed him for a 40 piece he had a week ago.

They’re saving him for a promo most likely, lame as it is.

I want him on my team, but with how juiced those like Tmac are, he would have to be at least PD to make the cut

His cards last year only needed a quicker release.

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His FMVP last year played exactly like Terminator Kawhi for me.

Kind of stiff but a true assassin on offense and heart crusher on defense.

Much preferred him to PG13 at the 2 spot.

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Don’t think we’re getting motw on Monday.

Timer has 11 days left.

Drought is coming.

2K on vacation

Yup. Think last year there was a huge drought.

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Just realized the timer ends when the VC sale ends.

Be more predictable 2K.

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There wasn’t a huge drought last year.

They dropped Gilbert arenas on the 31st.

Then the tripe double promo on the fourth.

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Felt like a drought man, those 5 days were unbearable.

You got some of those cards ???

Can’t wait to run PG & Kawhi in MTU

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PD Kawhi + PG dynamic duo GG


That’d jack up PG price

New cards dropped?