Most underrate player(s) of all time?

I’m only doing this thread to show how underrated this player truly is. He has only gotten one auctionable version from his prime since 2k17, and it was IN 2k17. Any clue who it is yet? Barely anyone got him in 2k18 because he was a July supermax reward. He’s not only underrated in 2k, but SUPER underrated in real life. He averaged 34 points and 11 assists per game over an 80 game season. He goes by two names, Tiny and Nate flippin’ Archibald. And these are the only cards we have gotten him since 2k18.
Just a little rant for my boy Tiny Archibald and why he needs more appreciation. 6’1 and he averaged 34-11 and he never gets talked about! And these are the cards 2k has to show for it! Anyone else have any players they think are hella underrated?


Not the most underrated in 2K. Everyone knows Tiny.

Walt Bellamy averaged 31.4 points and 19 rebounds in his rookie year. Try to find his card

They might not have the rights for him. I could be wrong, and he definitely is deserving of an opal, or a card at all.

I can name a million cards that deserved an opal over Lonzo and Bol last year


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