Most random cards with diamond shoes/contracts on them?

Today I’ve been working on the AH in between working on finals. So far, I’ve purchased a ruby Rashard Lewis with a diamond shoe and 28 contracts and just now a ruby Tyson Chandler with a diamond contract. So what’s the weirdest find you guys have had this year so far?

Way back when HoF range Stockton was like 500k, saw Moses with it on. Actually ended up playing the dude later in the day. Couldn’t hit a 3 to save his life.

Bought sapphire De’Aron Fox last year with a diamond contract for 1,200 MT. Most random thing ever.


Just played a guy with a Kentucky themed team. He had Tyler Herro coming off the bench with a diamond shoe. That barely goes for quicksell on PC and Nike shoes are all bids. Must’ve been his cousin or something lmao

I bought an emerald Jeff Green with 29 contracts and a diamond 3pt shoe for 650 MT.


Diamond shoe & contract on my gold Mo Bamba. Shoe was free. Contract was less than 10k. Already 400+ games played w him.

diamond contract scalabrine, picked up for 1,500

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I bought Sapphire Ben Simmons off AH with HoF Dimer - added a Dia Shoe to him and Ruby Embiid.

I also have Dia Contract on Herro, and Dia Shoe :sweat_smile:

Got a ruby AD with KD 13 PE shoes for 11k…Why would anyone do this? I’m holding the card just for fun…

PIcked these up for 2k.

For some reason, people end up chucking alot of HOF badges onto Ruby Mills.

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I have a ruby Embiid with HOF dropstepper

Bought a saph Westbrook with HOF rebound chaser. I’m guessing someone was either tired of losing triple-double challenges or didn’t realize that HOF badges skip tiering. (I learned that the hard way). Interesting card to run in TT offline. He is comically dominant on the boards when running a small lineup.

Eric Gordon with Gold range 3k

Bought a boris diaw for 4k with HoF Lob City Finisher. I thought that was pretty comical.

Just saw a Heat Check card with a diamond contract in 2k20.

I won an Amethyst Rubio with a diamond contract without realizing the diamond contract was there until after I won the bid.