Most points scored by any player in SM and largest victory?

My largest victory was 90 pts and most points scored by a player were 122 by diamond Dwight.And offline I scored 98 with ruby Kobe in his challenge

WTF there has to be some kind of spamming there

I dropped 45 with Tmac once and felt bad doing it

Yeah I had to spam.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

122 points?! Did he scored all points of your team?

My largest victory is by 113 points (43-156) and the most points I scored was with pink diamond Harden, 71 pts

No I scored around 120 if I remember

You scored 122 in an online game?

That’s 61 made field goals.

So, 15 per quarter.

In a five minute quarter that means you scored a FG with Dwight 3 times per minute? I call BS dude.

I know you aren’t hitting 3PTers with him

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Im not home to upload a screenshot roght now.I will do it in some minutes

It also means he was on the floor the entire game. Even if you give him 20/20 FT’s, thats still 100 pts, 25 per quarter = 12 FG’s per quarter which is 2.5 made shots per minute the entire game

You do like 82 billion pick and rolls?

ok good?

125/130 pts

57 turnovers? I don’t think this was an online game. And if it was, it was against a bot or something who wasn’t actually playing.

you dont believe?ok not my problem.
but it was not a bot.

Still pretty impressive even against the CPU on rookie, but there’s no way in a game with someone even slightly competent that the ball will be turned over 57 times. Even 20 turnovers is sort of ridiculous.

i told you it was on SM and even i did 20 TO cause he spammed double team all the time.and its not a bot,cause if it was he would attempt 100+ shots and not made any of them.
and secondly i told you that the most offline point i scores were 98 with ruby Kobe in that challenge awarded you a kobe pack

also the olnly thing i do when i play offline is to record a triple double or quarddouble double with my favorite players.

It isn’t on rookie due to the Difficulty Multiplier – but I doubt it’s in Supermax. Could be a friendly or an offline challenge against a weak squad.

ok yeah you found it

I scored 237 points with ruby Scalabrine, on HoF