Most in depth cards breakdowns on YouTube

I came across this channel (at me bro show) that does a really good job of breaking down cards. Shows off animations, badges and ratings. He seems to be very knowledgeable on the game.


Thanks subscribed.


Startes with him and my guy Brian Mazique, huge shouts its a great channel


No problem sometimes good card breakdowns are hard to find, one that show most of the animations etc


I like it a lot! Keep it up bro @Kobe6Rings

shout to Books Nelson! great reviews. OS heads know of him.

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Thanks for sharing! High quality content for sure. I subscribed immediately

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Subbed. Good content. It’s the small time YouTubers that go in depth man!

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Since Scramz was kind enough to create this thread, I’ll be using it to post all AMB content in the future. Here’s the Bam vid. I know it’s a little long, but Bam has a LOT of secret tech that makes the card better and different from what I’m seeing people say. He’s not just Anthony Davis with shorter arms and a different shot. He’s his own card if you know his unique animations.


Fuck yea man, this dude videos are amazing, I subbed awhile ago, I watch all his videos before I buy anything from the auction house

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Damn spoiler tags don’t work here

@ScramzB @2KGamer switch this thread as owner for @At_Me_Bro_Show

So we have one place to go to watch all the new cards in depth


I was curious what youd think of running AD at the 4 and Bam at the 4 in a bench role? Or is AD a better card to be running at the 5?

I think all three situations are valid. Bam starting, AD as backup, both at the 4. AD starting, Bam backup, or playing them both, but if you play them both, I’d definitely put AD at the 5. Much bigger wingspan and player model. If you don’t run a Giannis-based attack, these are the best two PF cards in the game by a mile, imo.


Ive got PD Giannis starting, but im considering running him off the bench since im starting Glitched Lebron and having Bam, AD combo starting.

Yeah, that plays into my main philosophy: Giannis is the best card in the game IF you’re running your offense through him. If you’re running your offense through a big PG, then AD and Bam are better complementary cards. Giannis is still a top tier complementary card, but AD/Bam are the BEST complementary cards at the 4.


Alright, good idea. How to do that, or @2KGamer has to?

2kG has too

absolute best my team content on youtube (or anywhere on the web for that matter). I watch every one of your vids sometimes a few times each trying to learn the dribbles haha