Most Improved Player

It has to be Pascal Siakam vs Deangelo Russell at this point right? Who yall got

Paul George should be in convo he won’t get it tho

D Russ deserves it, out of everyone whose improved he’s the key reason that team isn’t back in the bottom three of the league anymore

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I’m a Kings fan so I want to show some love to both De’aaron Fox and Buddy Hield. With that out of the way I’d give it to Pascal Siakam.

I feel like fox doesn’t deserve it because he’s so young he’s just coming into his own game, if he had a few off years then had this kinda out put it be different

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Yeah, massive improvements from too many Kings. You killed our pick, but congrats. As consolation, give us Fox for Tatum

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Lol Fox for Tatum? Are Celtics that down on Tatum right now?

I think general consensus around the league right now is Fox is the top player from that draft. Who would have thought Divac would come out smelling like roses?

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You ain’t kidding.

d’angelo russell.

would give it to siakam but although he’s doing great, he hasn’t needed to put his team on his back

Siakam, D’Angelo or Drose :drum:

He’s been amazing whenever Kawhi wasn’t playing.

I’d vote for him.

DLo has also been great, but he just mproved in a pretty normal fashion. Young player that gets better as he matures.
Siakam just exploded out for nowhere and is like 3 times better than he was last year.

Definitely gonna be Siakam imo

siakam dlo was number 2 pick and developing really not a most improve. Did anyone expect siakam to be doing this well

Not that he will get it or something, but my boi Sabonis been huge or Pacers.

He’s gonna get something better, a fat-ass contract

You right, somebody will splash big money on him.

He should be 6moty.

But Lou will get it yet again.

D-Lo, Sabonis and others, man, gonna get paid. I’d hate to be a fan of a small-market team, like Orlando, give superstar money to really good, not superstar players

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Indiana is in even worst situation as they may they lose their “not so called a star player” because they are even smaller market than Magic, whom might overpaid Sabonis.

D-Lo is a bit different case as his ceiling looks to be higher than Domantas.

Anyway i know that feeling as i’m a fan of teams like Grizzlies and PTB.