Most fun point guard diamond

Looking for a fun point guard to play with, don’t care about meta


Dloading, silky smooth haaa!


Can I give an emerald suggestion?


Brook Lopez without a doubt


Oscar , Steve Francis, Arenas

I would say if your looking just for a fun pg that actually plays pg I would go d’angelo Russell.

It’ll be nice if we get a Diamond Luka soon though…

Knew it was coming

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Jamal Murray

Gilbert Arenas

Dave Bing is a lot of fun. Badge him up with limitless and deadeye, and he’ll be great.

Anyone use the new Rip as pg?

Diamond Melo is super fun pg

pd iverson is super fun to use because of his dribbling skills. other point guards may be more effective, but iverson is the most fun

Get Kemba and enjoy dribble moves.

Amythest Ben Simmons

Oscar and Jamal Murray

Ruby Mo Pete

He’s been my back up PG behind Magic for a while now and honestly it feels like no matter what player I pick up to replace him I end up going back to him because he’s cheap and performs on both ends.

Jamal and Tony Parker.