Most fun cards to play with?

I just sold my whole team and with that mt I’m going to just buy my favorite players like baron back. Who else 30k or lower is super fun to play with?

Heard that amy baron davis is a fun card, maybe you can get di Oladipo.


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ruby kuz, amy eg

Amy John Starks, Amy pierce, di harden

Ruby Diaw with a speed with ball and ball control shoe. Can easily run him at point.

Amy Kobe/MJ, LBJ, Giannis, Worthy, AD, Westbrook, Harden, Curry, Démerde Rozan, Butler, DonoMitch, …
Ruby KD, Kyrie, Wall, Kuzma, Simmons, Klay

All the players you like IRL with decent stats and badges

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Amy Jeff Green w/ a SwB boost

Shawn Marion if you like 360 windmills in traffic and can get his release down.
Amy pierce. That free Shawn kemp is an animal.
Steve Francis is kinda fun, would be better if he still had 360’s like last year, he has the best steal animations in the game imo, actually pokes the ball loose as opposed to just reaching in constantly.
Amy Larry Johnson if you can find with a defense shoe, dude takes off from 2 steps outside the paint and plays waaaaat bigger than 6’7 at the 4.
Amy demar, has a disgusting midrange game and can create his own shot with ease, also has crazy leaning slams and 360’s
How is b diddy? I was looking into getting him for the longest time but then packed diamond D rose in the MJ packs so didn’t need him. Still curious how he is tho

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He has the best crossover in the game in my opinion and will dunk on everybody. Solid release hard to mistime. HOF pick pocket too. Only 20k if you get him during a crash. @Bigtony911

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Man if u can spring for oladipo he is fun as fuck. Dunks on everyone and their mamas

Buy di or amy oladipo Insane card!

Diamond Nikola Jokic is a blast to play, with this shoe:

Kobe A.D. Mid (Grey)
+9 Ball Control
+9 Off-Dribble Mid
+9 Off-Dribble 3
+9 Speed
+9 Speed with Ball

Doesn’t speed boost with the +9 BC buff, unlike last year, but is still capable of giving opposing centers if you ISO him with spaced shooters. With the Speed/SWB boosts, he can operate like a huge guard when defended by Centers who aren’t especially fast/mobile, or any Center if the opponent is bad at on-ball.

It’s nice to force off-ballers to on-ball and exploit their weakness in this way. If they off-ball and leave CPU to defend him, that’s even worse for them, because the CPU absolutely cannot.

With the high-for-position BC, Speed, SWB, he’s already a big threat to get to the rim, but then you throw in a 93 Moving Mid and he’s a rounded threat. Add in his HoF passing and good shooters around him, and he can take over games when he’s in.

And unlike last year, they made him a pretty legit defender. Main weakness will be doing his part in P&R coverage, but unlike last year, he’s not going to get exploited by post-ups by opposing bigs.

Have no idea how much he goes for, but imagine he’s pretty darned cheap. If you can get a good deal with that shoe, and want to have a totally novel gameplay option, try him out.


diamond booker is cheap as shit last i checked, he’s smooth as butter whenever i play with him.

ami IT.

He’s cheap and looks beastly if you look at his shooting stats and badges. But I picked him up some time ago and my team went to shit. He couldn’t defend anything and in the end, you can’t win all games just by chucking up shots with players like this. He didn’t work for me at all. Maybe if you surround him with good defenders, you can get away with it but I’m not missing him at all. There’s a reason he’s so cheap.

well he said “most fun” :slight_smile:
IT is good for 2-5 minutes and a solid 10 points if you get his release down.

Amy Deandre Jordan

Amy Ingram

I wouldn’t play him in Super Max, but playing offline, Amethyst IT really is a blast. I only played him in one game PvCPU on All-Star and played hero ball with him for three quarters and scored almost 40, which is very high for me to get with one guy without trying to only score with that one guy.