Most fun cards this year

As I’ve said before I spend money but don’t teally play supermax often and mostly play friendlies. My team right now is
Pd ben, pd Donovan, pd pg24, pd giannis, pd kat
Pd magic, pd tmac, pd Larry Bird, 98 durant, pd Timmy d.
I have 130k as of now and want to just build a team of the most fun guys you all have used this year, fun animations, play above their stats, etc. Prefer to build the team with the 130k but I can sell some of my god squad guys if needed, I just wanna hear from you all who is your most fun guys to use

You gotta get a kobe that PD has been really fun playing with

Dr J


So keep my tmac, cop a kobe, dr. J I had before but for some reason he did weird layups more than he dunked it was a little off putting but with his price so low I may look back into it

PD Giannis for me, 98 lebron before that

Biggest regret ever was selling my heat Lebron. Man could drop 30 and I didn’t even notice.

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If you lookin for a center that PD hakeem is a freak, and PD lebron is the best card in the game imo

Is the pd hakeem a significant upgrade over the 98 hakeem? I’ve already got the 98 locked is why I ask

I also had the 98 with a 3 shoe that gave him a 98… But i grabbed the pd with currys that give him 99 3 and 97 contested, Ive hit contested 3’s on guys now haha… Its just a few upgrades to stats if you did upgrade just get a good shoe for him

The HOF posterizer and Catch and shoot is very noticeable

Yeah that posterizer is nasty now

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Diamond Demarcus with greys.
Ruby Jonathan Issac
Any Kobe with a Fro ONLY
PD Larry Bird with grey Kobes
Tim Duncan

I bold the Larry bird because the shoe is what makes him godly

I’ve been trying to snipeone with that shoe since those locker codes came out :sob: right now I’ve just been chillin with vanilla, I’ve heard that SWB upgrade makes him a machine

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It’s insane… but if you cannot afford it or cannot find one the diamond with the shoe is almost as good… keyword almost.

It’s crazy because I’ve had all of the best cards this year aside from pd bron, pd jordan, and pd westbrook, but they’ve never had really good diamond shoes and I feel like I’ve missed an entire level of how good these cards can be

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If you ever get pd mj hes worth it he plays way different than his diamond