Most disappointing (or just worst) opal?

GO Kemp is a trash bag. The hope for a faster Pippen release didn’t pan out.

Are these the most disappointing opals of the year (Kemp especially)?

Also, what’s the straight up worst opal? I could probably score more points with Fred Van Fleet than with this new Kemp card, but FVF is awfully small for this meta. GO CP3 small and pretty slow release. Blake and Steve Nash gotta be up there as well. The one video I’ve seen of GO Elgin Baylor looks pretty terrible among token opals.


what did you expect from pippen? u actually expect them to change what seems to imo to be his actual release? he has all the stats, im a fan.

for me it was regular lebron… couldnt get jiggy with him

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I’m liking pippen. I’m one of the rare ones that never took issue w his release.

Packed Kemp. Looks at his defensive stats. Showered. Sold.


Sounds like Kemp is much more of a disappointment.

Havent seen anyone write anything positive yet lol

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like the cards been out forever, people have known his release… i dont understand the complaints

Comes from the hope that they speed it up.

KG is the biggest example.

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yeah i saw dbg had a clickbaity title about him being the best dunker but didnt watch

everyone here says hes ass tho lol

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I think it’s just that people want super fast releases on their god squads. I get it. But idc. I’m just enjoying the game. Copped him for 90k. :man_shrugging:

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other than kg, pd oscar and hedo what other releases have changed?

And his defense is unreal. Manual RS steals all day

Lonzo Ball because I can name like 50 players more deserving


Those are the best examples of releases for sure

They changed Durant’s fade and have changed dribbling animations on a few cards (sometimes for the worse)

lol so true but this is still my favorite card for some reason, i know his sig release better i than anyone. Im at like 500 games haha

oh shit luka most disappointing for sure actually

I’m about to get kemp, on my cavs team I’ve been using his pd and its elite as far as his animations go… now I’m wondering if they changed them, post animations I’m talking about


Oh yes that’s a good one!

Really missed the chance to make a sauce god

And I still can’t get over the lack of badges on GO Bird. WTF.

Luka lit me up once, thought about buying him but his price and stats just don’t match up

I haven’t tried him yet.

Just heard so much negativity lol

Birds badges are lacking but that duo turns him into Jesus lol


Nah Lukas nice