Most cards / Fewest Auctionable

It dawned on me last night how many cards I have, and yet how many are not auctionable. I have 1,573 cards, including 8 jerseys (not including City/Earned), 2 courts, 3 playbooks, 2 logos, and 3 coaches.

But as far as auctionable players go, I have a whopping total of 11:

  • 5 throwback elite (Iggy, Billy, Bobby, Stack, and Doc)
  • 3 moments (amethyst Embiid, Ben, and Jimmy)
  • 2 Flight School (Doc and Chocolate Thunder)
  • 1 Madness (Jah)

Can anybody beat 11 auctionable player cards? Everything else is locked (all current, throwback Heat Check, Rookie Sensations, High Voltage, and HOF).


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Before I just started my giannis chase again I had 2,000 cards and zero auctionable lol

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I have malone+set, kd, bird, anni freak, oden, anni magic, etc and iā€™m first team collector level lol

Only got giannis and kd and bird and bron as my auctionables left.

I am collector level Rookie. Top that, Mr. Scream

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Goatafor is all u need

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