Moses malone.. the budget AD?

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yup I’m keeping Moses over AD


Should I run opal giannis at the 4 then ad at the 5 or vice versa?

I would say ad at 4 and giannis at 5

Moses is a fucking beast, pure and simple.


Stats super close.

AD looks more like a 3 with his shooting.

In my ideal line up AD would be starting 3 and Moses back up 3.


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Good Looking Out!!
Moses has been touched by God :innocent:


Moses has outplayed my GO Biceps and Ming. He’s the biggest paint bully I’ve used this year and has Bill Russell defense with a nice release.


Shhhh trying to buy him back lol

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Is Moses actually that good?


He’s incredible

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How is his post fade?

Moses is just a fucking animal and his layup package is hilarious sick.

Y’all convinced me, thank you! It’s just cause I had D Rob and Porzingis there originally. I might just put D Rob back at Center.

What shoe do you guys suggest? And what takeover does that shoe give him?

I put white kobe mids and he’s gets sharp/post lol he’s a beast

What coach?

Moses is the prophet of Giannis. Ad is just a believer lol

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Moses vs Karl… who is better at bench 4 position?