Morris Peterson + Red Kyries For Sale (PS4)

I am looking to sell this beast of a card with max badges and Red Kyries. Putting him up for 25k.


That’s an awesome deal dude is still one of the best in the game. I’d swoop if I didn’t have him.


Has he sold?

The GOAT, never benching him. Have CP3s on mine.

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Still available!

I agree he was a beast in tto for me! I just have AK47 now that I run instead

Might have to cop and sell my base one, now long is he up for?

2 more hours, but I can alway relist

Yeah I’m not sure how much I could get off my base one but I’d like a badged one with them shoes, he’s always been on my bench since getting dia melo but still one of my most used cards to date, godly

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The left handed release is always wide open

Put him up again for 12 hours.