Morey (Rockets GM) vs communism

Morey showed his support for Hong Kong in a tweet and that caused a shitstorm.
Thoudsands of Chinese bots flooded his account with hate messages. Same happened to every Rockets social media account and even Adam Silver’s account.

CBA cut all ties with the Rockets (even though Yao is CBA president), TV rights holder in China instantly censored everything Rockets related and they won’t be shown or mentioned in Chinese NBA broadcasts. Complete censorship. All ties were cut.

F those communists, tbh.


Good break down here

Fuck China, they’re just human rights violation after human rights violation.


Yeah their govt is one big POS



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Inb4 Silver demands Ferttita (Rox owner) so sack Morey. Silver is one big douche that this move would not surprise me one bit.

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If Silver actually caves in to China, everyone should boycott the league.
Players, coaches, staff, fans…
NBA is always promoting equality and human rights. Well now it’s time to act. Need to stand behind your words or they’re worth nothing.


dude has been more money hungry then Stern ever was doubled and multiplied by 10000 so yah, we’ll see.

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So wait, I don’t keep up with politics, so dude shoutout Hong Kong and now China don’t fuck with him no more, well not just him, but the whole NBA?

Just Rox.

Nah, they just censored the Rockets and they’ll act as if Rockets don’t even exist.
But NBA needs to act on this.

Much like when Turkey completely censored Kanter last season and didn’t even allow Blazers playoff games to be broadcasted there.

I’m from HK so you know how I feel about China. But what we want to achieve is to show the world WHY we hate it so much. Props to Morey. A single tweet from him is more effective than a thousand from us.


Completely disagree

I mean it’s not even close to that simple but sure.

I feel like Silver is on the correct side of issues like this most of the time. I would be surprised if he caved to China TBH. Stern would definitely side with the $$$! :laughing:

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I know it’s not simple, but you can’t be promoting equality 365 days a year only to cave in to China as soon as they do some shit like this.


You can though. And I get what you’re saying but at the end of the day he works for the owners and the NBA is a business

Most likely what will happen is China will quietly slip out and end up working with the rockets again. They just wanted the publicity

Wow, all this over a tweet from a GM.

Sensitive, much?


That’s how communism works.


If you could please share this piece of news to your basketball/ 2K friends. Not a bad way for people to peek into what’s happening in Hong Kong. Sadly HK people don’t use twitter that much, it’s hard to reflect what’s happening upon the international stage since the police are starting to attack/ arrest reporters too and there’s always a bunch of chinese (or chinazi is what we call them now) bots on twitter spreading fake/ inaccurate info.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Please #StandwithHK. :pray: