More toxic community: MyTeam or Madden UT?

what do yall think? :thinking:

MUT by an absolute landslide.


What happens in MUT?

That’s scary. Glad I dont play Madden.

Id say about the same difference…offball defense or using some glitched blitz play and bullshit offensive plays. It can be countered but every ahole plays the cheapest sleaziest way possible.

Same vulgar messages after games.

  1. Cheesy plays are way harder to stop
  2. 20 yard dropbacks
  3. Playmaker
  4. Don’t need good receivers just fast ones to speed boost
  5. AI defense is terrible

Everything you are listing equals offball defense.

I forgot what year it was but ppl online were using punt return as their defense and locking ppl up.

But since it’s 5v5 instead of 11v11 you can contain cheese a lot easier unless it’s an all center lineup or 5 out cheesy crossover all game. I post fade on guys that play off ball so it’s not an issue

MUT easy…money plays and people good at usering LB and Safeties is a problem.

Id say the glitched blitz plays where they do eight pre snap adjustments to make your guard not block and interior pass rusher while your line triple teams another guy is worse than anything people do on offense in MUT or at all in 2K.

They still had some blitz plays like that the last year I did MUT…Madden 18.

In terms of toxicity in the community it’s definitely myteam. There might be more annoying things to deal with gameplay in mut, but flash pausing, sub/camera glitching, using all your timeouts to waste time, stupidly out of position players, all white/bright color courts with white uniforms don’t happen on madden. 12 year old kids asking how much money you spent on your team still happen but are more prevalent on nba

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2kgamer doesnt = 2k community by any means at all just like Muthead doesnt = madden community.

I havent been playing madden for long but i cant imagine any one more annoying than the 2k hype beasts that say “schleep” “im dead” “corny” etc all day long plus it seems like the 2k fan base avg age is generally lower than others


What about fifa

It has gotten less Toxic in recent years but it’s not as bad as 2k

Myteam for sure

Park on the other hand is 5 tiers ahead

The interactions in fifa aren’t as toxic as 2k, like people don’t message toxic shit after losing, but people are way more sweaty on fifa. The weekend league is ridiculous

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Mut i blocked most person is MUT becuase glitch/meta 1 play that mean i wont meet that person ever again on online

Isn’t usering safties/lb the entire point of playing good Madden defense?

Haven’t played in a long time I thought that was respected and hard to do.

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yea basically playing as your d line is the madden equivelent of playing offball

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